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Rare Never Offered General S. Patton 4-Star Flag and Funeral Book

General Patton

General Patton

How often is it that we get to actually get the opportunity to delve into America’s Military past with a 4 Star Flag from a General.  Like almost never.  So this is your opportunity to at the very least, enjoy the story and place at least one bid on this incredible piece of history.  BidAmi is offering up in auction this incredible artifact from one of the greatest General’s in American History.

he historical letters presented here are from the Geoffrey Keyes collection. Keyes was a well decorated officer in the Army (Lieutenant General) and commanded the II Corps during WWII.

Geoffrey Keyes  had a close relationship with George S. Patton. Patton even noted in his diary, “Keyes’…firm character and level head have been very comforting to me.”

Patton trusted Keyes who looked up him. He worked as chief of staff when Patton became General. Patton said, “I must admit that but for his [Keyes] assistance I would probably be unable to run this job.”

Keyes indeed took temporary control over the I Armored Corps in Morocco when Patton went to Tunisia to command the II Corps located there. Patton left Keyes to plan the invasion of Sicily, which Patton later took control over when he returned.

In 1943, Patton commended Keyes for his efforts in Palermo and said, “Such methods assure victory and reduce losses, but it takes fine leadership to insure the execution. General Keyes provided perfect leadership and great drive. The praise should be his.”

Patton also wrote fondly about Keyes to President Eisenhower, “The performance of all the troops, infantry and armored, was outstanding, and the drive and leadership shown by General Keyes were of a superior order.”

After Patton’s car accident, Keyes left right away for the hospital and kept his wife informed of his condition. As Patton’s condition worsened, only a few friends were able to stay. When Patton died, Keyes made the Generals Orders announcing his death. Keyes also mourned the death of his friend along with Patton’s wife Beatrice. Keyes attended the funeral with Beatrice.

This collection originates from the Keyes family is comprised of a 4×5 news photo of Lt. Gen. Keyes putting a wreath on Patton’s grave, rare funeral program, the actual sign in book from the funeral – highlighted by 8 pages of signatures featuring the six pallbearers: M. Sgt. Meeks, T. Sgt. Rehberg, S. Sgt. Perkins, S. Sgt. Day, S. Sgt. Huboly and Sgt. Pratieni.

The highlight of the collection is one of General Patton’s rare personal 4-star red/white flags (approx. 34×44). This flag was given to Keyes by Beatrice (Patton’s wife) after the funeral along with the sign-in book.


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