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Now In Auction-Only Beatles’ Contract That Survived: February 16, 1964 Beatles Ed Sullivan Contract- Signed by Brian Epstein

Brian Epstein was the manager for the Beatles and was the one who contraced the deal for the Beatles to appear on the Ed Sullivan show.  Offered is the original … Continue reading

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Most Historic Iconic Beatles Collectible In Auction: 1964 Signed Ed Sullivan Show Contracts- 4 Separate Contracts John W. Lennon, JP MCCartney (Paul McCartney), Richard Starky (Ringo Star) and George Harrison

We love them, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.  Beatlemania in the United States had its start on February 7, 1964. It was a seemingly normal day as the Pan Am Yankee Clipper … Continue reading

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Memorabilia Experts Showcase 1964 Beatles Autographs from the Ed Sullivan Show

New Collectibles at the auction.   Babe Ruth League * COMPLETE SET of 11 “Finer Points of Baseball for Everyone – How To Play..” Baseball Booklets” * 1962 Little … Continue reading

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What do John Lennon & Jimi Hendrix Have in Common?

John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix’s autographs and collectibles are both some of the most expensive items on the market, with a single Jimi Hendrix autograph tipping the scale to the … Continue reading

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The Beatles – John Lennon Personally Owned & Worn Wire Rim Glasses (Originated From Victor Borge)

There are few musicians when thought of in reflection after death can immediately evoke an emotional reaction. John Lennon’s passing had that visceral marked moment in time as a great … Continue reading

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