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The Beatles – John Lennon Personally Owned & Worn Wire Rim Glasses (Originated From Victor Borge)

John Lennon's Personally Owned Round Rimmed Glasses

John Lennon’s Personally Owned Round Rimmed Glasses

There are few musicians when thought of in reflection after death can immediately evoke an emotional reaction. John Lennon’s passing had that visceral marked moment in time as a great one who left too soon. Lennon was born in Liverpool in 1940 and was killed outside his New York apartment home in 1980.

Presented is a piece of pop culture history that helped to shape Lennon’s public identity… his very own wire rim glasses.  The near-sighted Lennon didn’t wear glasses during his early years with the Beatles. He said he had a more difficult time playing the guitar as a result.

Due to poor vision and perhaps a bit of inspiration from Buddy Holly (who made glasses look cool), Lennon accumulated dozens of glasses for function and style. It became the first thing he did in the morning was don the specs.

He sported frames in gold, silver, aviator, Wayfarers. They had tinted or clear lenses and he went with a more oval shape as his style aged forward with the generation. He also favored the round-style wire frames issued right from the U.K.’s National Health Service.

These glasses are indeed a special representation of John Lennon in his later years. They are vintage gold finish wire rimmed glasses. They exhibit moderate wear with signs of aging. The case is also included.

He wore this style in countless photographs and this pair originated from fellow musician Victor Borge. Borge provided work on the piano during his solo years. As a gift, Lennon gave him two pairs of his glasses.

The provenance moves forward as Borge sold both pairs in 1974 to a wealthy Massachusetts family. Borge also provided entertainment for the family during a private anniversary dinner (the other pair still remains with the Davis family).

With the glasses is a provenance letter from the son of the original recipient. There is also additional paperwork including copies of: the receipt for the glasses from Borge’s manager, Borge’s appearance contract, photos of Borge at the event and other related documentation.

Overall, a fine Lennon collectible that has a tremendous level of provenance.

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