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You’ve changed your focus, run out of space, tired of dusting or just need the money. Whatever the reason, it’s time to lose the collection. But how?If you’re not in a hurry, selling items individually will usually bring higher prices than selling the entire collection as a group. It’s also harder to find someone to buy a huge lot.

Selling the collection individually can also pay off if you have rare pieces that are sought after by collectors.

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The downside: it takes more time and effort than one realizes.

1. Online Auctions

Here’s where those rare items can pay off. Can you say Bidding War?It’s what all sellers dream of and can happen if your stuff is in excellent condition and hard-to-find. Mention online auctions and eBay is what comes to mind, but there are many other auction options. Check the auction list for options that might be a better fit.

Many collectors are using Sports Auction and Collectible Auctions as there selling platform because like EBAY, they can list there own items without having to send them out to the auction house.
But of course, it is the sellers option whether or not they want to send the items into BidAMI or whether they want to do it themselves.  Ebay is the Walmart of the On-Line Auction market and is the Beverly Hills Boutique of the On-line auctions.  You can contact one of their specialists at 888-308-9714.

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