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Muhammad Ali AKA Cassius Clay Memorabilia Sky Rockets-Collectors Rally

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Thursday, March 13th, Auction Closes 8PM PST

# Cassius Clay Memorabilia Sky Rockets-Collectors Rally To Buy


1358378868-0.jpgYoung Cassius Clay won a gold medal as a light heavyweight at the 1960 Olympics in Rome. Later, upon returning to the United States, Clay was refused service at a small diner because of his race. Clay walked out of the diner and threw his gold medal (which he wore all the time) off a bridge and into the Ohio River. He claimed he didn’t want to wear a medal in a country where he couldn’t be served.

Why is this important? There have been so few trophies or awards preserved from Young Cassius Clay that anything that ever comes on the market, Collectors rally at the chance to own a piece of this history.  81697_01_lg.jpg

With Muhammad Ali fight worn trunks selling over $800,000 in 2014, up $700,000 from its previous sale the year before, it is no wonder why the richest of the rich are raking up these assets without the blink of an eye.  Anything that was worn by Ali and especially awards given to Ali have gone up 70-100%.  There are some athletes that mean more than their career.  They are national heroes, representing their era like Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Michael Jordan, and naturally,  Ali as the “Greatest”.

Very few trophies or awards exist from Cassius Clay’s early days.  These prime years of Ali’s career, without question, are vital to the collector.  His 1957 Golden Glove award went for for $20,000 in 1997.  What would this trophy sell for now?  Today’s market this trophy would command over $100,000.
A trophy of this caliber has not hit the auction market lately, not until this 1959 Cassius Clay Golden Gloves, Clay’s First National Overall Tournament Win at Chicago Stadium, a much more significant trophy in Ali AKA Clay’s Career.

March 25, 1959 – Cassius Clay Golden Gloves Inter-City Bouts Championship Trophy – Clay’s First National Overall Tournament Win at Chicago Stadium

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#Muhammad Ali Facts or Fiction

  • Fact 1:  He never turns down an autograph request.
  • Fact 2: He used to race the school bus.
  • Fact 3: A stolen bicycle started his boxing career. 
  • Fact 4: He only wore Elvis’ robe once.
  • Fact 5: He threw away his gold medal.
  • Fact 6:  He rode in the Tournament of Roses Parade.
  • Fact 7:  He recorded a record album and a single
  • Fact 8:  He was KOed by Kent Green
  • Fact 9: Ali helped give us Rocky.
  • Fact 10: Ali has quite a show business resume.

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