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Babe Ruth Baseball

Babe Ruth Baseball

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Contact Kieta, Memorabilia Expert from  They have been purchasing baseballs.  You can contact her at 888-308-9714.  Current Babe Ruth Autographed Baseball she obtained is up in auction now.

Babe Ruth was born 119 years ago Thursday, which is also the last chance to buy one of the most famous pieces of sports history.

The baseball up for sale has a history that reads like a fairy tale. In 1926, 11-year-old Johnny Sylvester of New Jersey was seriously injured after a horse kicked him in the head.

He had a “very serious condition developed called osteomyelitis, which is the deterioration and infection of the bone,” said Andrew Lilley, Sylvester’s great-nephew and producer of a documentary called “I’ll Knock a Homer for You.”

Doctors thought Sylvester might not survive and through family connections, word got out to the two World Series Teams, the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Yankees. Each team sent Sylvester an autographed baseball, but there was a message from the Yankee great that got all the attention.

“When Babe Ruth got the baseball, he promised to knock a homer,” said Lilley. “And he wrote it on the ball.”

The Babe delivered and in a big way. He hit three home-runs that day and just like that, Sylvester started to get better.


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