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Most Historic Iconic Autographed Beatles’ Collectible: 1964 Signed Ed Sullivan Show Contracts- 4 Separate Contracts John W. Lennon, JP MCCartney (Paul McCartney), Richard Starky (Ringo Star) and George Harrison

1964 Beatles Ed Sullivan Show Performance

1964 Beatles Ed Sullivan Show Performant

History Changing Autographed Beatles’ Legal Contracts between John W Lennon, JP (Paul) McCartney, Richard Starky (Ringo Starr), and George Harrison and The Ed Sullivan Show documenting the details of the Fab Four’s performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. will be offering these in auction in August 2014.  For more detailed information contact Memorabilia Expert Kieta at 888-308-9714.

Estimates of this iconic group of documented history have been as low as $500,000 to over $1 Million.  Brian Epstein signed the contracts for the Beatles 1964 performances.   There is history changing information within the contract and the letters that were exchanged between Babbs, The Ed Sullivan Show and Brian Epstein.  More Beatles History is in the making.

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