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Determining Use on Michael Jordan Game-Worn Jersey

Jordan Game Worn Jersey

Jordan Game Worn Jersey Sold By Grey Flannel

Most times Jordan gamers show virtually minimal wear.  Minimal wear is especially prevalent in the later years of Jordan’s career.  His stardom created one time, one play wear jersey’s.  This type of minimal wear has become almost the norm in today’s game worn jersey.  It’s very difficult to find that “unwashed after the game” wear.

Jordan Game Worn Jersey

Jordan Game Worn Jersey Sold By Mears

Don’t be afraid of the discolored Jordan game worn jersey’s either.  Some of the best game-worn Jordan jersey’s have exhibited some type of discoloration.   Game-worn jersey’s show various types of discoloration due to washing. We see quite a few of Jordan game worn jersey’s especially during this late 1980’s-early 1990’s era, that exhibit discoloration. Discolorations on these game-worn jersey’s have been seen in creamy white to soft pink  and can be found on some of the best caliber Jordan gamers in the industry.

Many important collectors state that although the best type of use is “unwashed after the game,” that the “washed” jersey did not affect the jersey’s authenticity of wear.  However, the important condition on this fact of “washed” jersey’s, is the provenance.  The provenance must be iron clad as well as the tagging, photo style or photo match also had to be right on.  Collectors, say that without provenance a “washed” jersey could potentially reduce its value.

Jordan Game Worn Jersey

Jordan Game Worn Jersey Sold By Memorabilia Experts

It is noteworthy to mention, that  this practice of “unwashing” game-worn jersey’s really became “chic” in the mid to late 1990’s.  Equipment managers and collectors alike would wash away the use, dirt and filth in the game worn jerseys prior to this because they were dirty and smelled.  But thought that washing was a good thing and that washing did show use.   So it is not uncommon to see this type of excessive washing wear on jersey’s.  Pictured are a few of the top Michael Jordan Bull’s Jersey’s from the ’89-90 era showing this type of use.


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