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The Doors Vintage Poster Original Dec. 8, 1967 R.P.I. Field House Troy, NY Concert Tau Epsilon Phi

Home / Shop / Entertainment / More Collectibles / The Doors Poster Original Dec. 8, 1967 R.P.I. Field House Troy, NY Concert Tau Epsilon PhiThe Doors pulled people in with an intoxicating sound, and the mesmerizing sound of Jim Morrison. It was poetic really. The band formed in Los Angeles in 1965 and were one of the most controversial acts going because Morrison kept the audience in a spell of wild lyrics and stage presence. Their arrival marked a string of classic hit singles and albums and a new found symbiotic dark and mysterious relationship with their audience unlike their predecessors (think, peace and love).

Their lineup was the iconic frontman Jim Morrison, keyboard base wizard Ray Manzarek, groovy drummer John Densmore, and expressive guitarist Robby Kreiger until the death of Morrison in July 1971. The Doors influence on the musical scene of the 60’s is undeniable; they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1993. In 2007, The Doors received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Grammy’s, and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Presented is a rare original concert poster from when The Doors played early in their career (December 8, 1967). The concert was a live appearance held at the R.P.I. Field House in Troy, New York. It was the opening event of the Frosh Fling Weekend sponsored by fraternity Tau Epsilon Phi. It also happened to be Jim Morrison’s 24th birthday.

The warm-up opening act, Time Rose did not have a smooth performance as the students broke out into card games on the floor. Following Rose was the headliner, the Doors. The audience enjoyed renditions of their top hits “People are Strange” and “Break on Through“. However, students reactions to the overall performance were mixed with most feeling the band didn’t give it their all. It also didn’t help that Morrison was late to the gig.

From the student newspaper, “Most people were pleased by Ray Mangarek’s organ and Robby Krieger’s guitar soaring through “Light My Fire” and a few other songs. Unfortunately, much of the impact and fire of Jim Morrison’s vocals seemed to be lost in the expanses of the Field House.

Instead of setting the house on fire, Jim failed to even break the ice. He seemed disgusted with the whole scene at the end and showed how he felt when he cried, “if this is Troy, I’m with the Greeks”. 

For the crowd’s taste, the concert was far too short to be worthwhile. Those on the floor felt cheated of space, and all felt cheated out of the best the Doors could have offered.” 

Regardless of how the students felt, the performance was intimate and memorable. This was The Doors on Morrison’s birthday in a rare early career appearance on a college campus. Subsequently, the next day in the life of the Doors was also interesting. It was the day of the infamous New Haven incident in which Morrison was arrested on stage resulting in a riot by the crowd.

This original poster is on heavy stock paper and from the December 8th concert. It features “The Doors” logo and a black and white photo image of the band in the center. This style poster is the only surviving example known to us. The black print headline showcases the fraternity TAU EPSILON PHI. Below the Doors’ portrait is the date in red Dec. 8, 1967, the venue R.P.I. Field House, ticket sale places and contact information. It shows aging throughout, along with minimal but expected display creasing and staple marks.

It measures 13-3/4″ x 21-3/4″ (within matte – overall display is 24″ x 31.5″). Also of note, that the poster was framed professionally. It stands alone without being affixed to anything (no glue, tape etc.)

It is remarkable such a treasure survived because most posters back then were discarded after the event. This is a rare entry into the rock market from an iconic band in their early years. For Doors collectors especially, it is a must-have that represents the midst of their whirlwind success and turbulence.

All displays are sold as is without warranty to the condition of the frame.

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