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1937 Yankees World Series Championship Ring From Don Heffner COA 100% Authentic Team

Bid on this in Auction NOW! Legacy. Passed down from generation to generation, families keep items in their collection for sentimental, historic or monetary value. This 1937 World Series ring originates from the estate of baseball player and manager, Don Heffner. Surprisingly, the curation of his estate has remained intact for almost a century and is ready to be part of a new legacy.

It must be noted, that this particular World Series ring from 1937 is an abnormal “find”. Research on the market has been exhausting as no record of sales on 1937 World Championship rings can be found. We surmise, they must be hidden in museums or buried deep within other player’s estates. There are simply no others that exist in public collections. So, the ripened opportunity of getting a one-of-a-kind gem is here and quite literal we must say.

Don Heffner was a major league second baseman for 11 years with a .241 batting average (in 743 games). Highlighting the start of his career in the Majors, he was a member of the vaunted 1936 New York Yankees team. He batted in a lineup which featured the likes of rookie Joe DiMaggio and the “Iron Horse”, Lou Gehrig. The team was impressive winning their 8th pennant and beat the Giants in six games to win the ultimate trophy. Well deserved, Heffner added this World Series ring to his jewelry box. He spent four seasons with the team before going to the St. Louis Browns.

To start his professional career in 1929, Heffner spent four seasons with the then-minor league Baltimore Orioles.  With the International League team, he started impressively with what the media dubbed a “Heffner Hue” for his prowess on defense. The “Baltimore Boy” remained such an important keystone that the team had a celebratory day in his honor, recounted by a newspaper article preserved by his estate. As quoted:

“Heffner who is following in the footsteps of Babe Ruth, Fritz Maisel, Butch Schmidt, Buck Herzog, Allen Russell, Tommy Thomas, Max Bishop, Bill Stumpf and other Baltimoreans who have made baseball history, will be given a testimonial by his friends and admirers.

The Northwest Baltimore boy, who has yet to reach his twentieth birthday, has been one of the outstanding performers for the Birds this year. He has played second, third and short and in each position he has turned in a sparkling piece of work.  Heffner, although only a kid is considered one of the gamest players on the Orioles.”

Presented is Don Heffner’s Championship ring from the 1937 World Series. He was a key contributor on a memorable team. The 14k yellow gold ring is an elegant creation utilizing the time-tested design common to all Yankees models of the decade.

The central portion features a bead set into a white gold squared top (in central oval section) with a large diamond (5.03mm. .50 caret- SI-1 clarity and H Color) set into a baseball diamond. The finger size is 10.5 with a weight of 28 grams. After years of wear, the text announcing the accomplishment around the perimeter, “New York Yankees World Champions” has worn away. Each shank pictures a bald eagle in flight, clasping a “New York” banner in its beak and the year “1937” in its talons. The interior band is engraved with his name, “Don Heffner”.

Overall, the magic of  October heroics is represented by this ring and is one of the most prized possessions of the 1937 Fall Classic. And yes, a true gem in any high end Yankees collection.

Authentication: 100% Authentic Team Provenance Letter (from Heffner Estate).

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